What is Eponaquest?

Eponaquest is a model for engaging horses in the work of human development. It was founded in 1997 by author, lecturer and horse trainer Linda Kohavnov.

Eponaquest is named after the ancient horse goddess Epona, a symbol of healing, transformation and balance for the Celts, Eponaquest is a collective of educators, counsellors, physical therapists and riding instructors exploring the healing potential of horse-human relationships. It has received international attention for innovative programs engaging horses in the work of human development. Approved Eponaquest Instructors offer workshops and private sessions in:

  • Leadership: developing skills in assertiveness, team building, emotional fitness, nonverbal communication, innovation, conflict resolution, and leadership presence.
  • Personal Development: developing skills in relationship, emotional fitness, mindfulness, personal empowerment, energy healing and biofeedback, authentic community building, intuition, interspecies communication.
  • Equestrian Skills: developing a deeper connection with your horse, exploring new ways of being with your horse, of training, instructing and playing!
  • Eponaquest Instructors who are licensed mental health professionals may also offer Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy: individual or group sessions as appropriate to the treatment plan.

Whether you’re interested in horses or human development—or both—the Eponaquest Approach allows you to experience what it means to truly thrive in life, offering you tools that open worlds of creativity, insight, and empowerment, expanding your vision, helping you reconnect to nature, the herd and the community.

What is Equine Facilitated Learning/Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy?

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) and Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy (EFP) are experiential learning models, At Eponaquest we employ various tools to assist clients in their awareness of feeling states, body sensations, boundaries and destructive thoughts. We teach individuals, through the Way of the Horse, to take their experiences home and make changes in their lives, if they choose.  Through a holistic approach, clients explore assertiveness, stress reduction and emotional fitness skills, strengthening self-esteem and personal empowerment in the process.  Consensus-building relationship models teach people how to take the reins of any situation without lapsing into the pitfalls of dominance, intimidation or victimisation.  Instructors may also employ journaling, mindfulness techniques, and expressive arts to enhance intuition, multi-sensory awareness and creativity.

This website was created as a space for Australian and New Zealand Eponaquest instructors to list Eponaquest approved introductory and advanced workshops to facilitate access to this model without the need to travel outside the region.

Why Horses?

It is now commonly recognized that less than ten percent of human communication is verbal, the remainder is covered by tone, intonation and body language. Horses rely on non-verbal intelligence and communication for survival and are masters of reading intention and energy.  Horses can help us access the other 93 percent. Through learning how to work with our multiple intelligences we can develop more consciously and effectively.

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